Playground Rules & Safety

General Playground Safety Rules

1. Always play safe by being careful and showing courtesy.

2. Never run around or push and pull others while near playground equipment. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Physical contact and verbal abuse (mean words) are not permitted.

3. Don’t go too close to the front or rear of moving equipment; instead, walk out around it.

4. Wear proper clothing. Make sure your shoes are tied and never wear clothes that have drawstrings. Necklaces, scarves, drawstrings and very loose clothes could get tangled.

5. When you get off equipment make sure there isn’t anyone in the way. If you jump, always bend your knees slightly and land on two feet.

6. Don’t play on equipment that is wet because the surface will be slippery.

7. If you go to the playground in the summertime, make sure the equipment is not too hot.

8. Take turns and get in a line when more than one person wants to use a piece of equipment. By sharing, everyone will get a turn. No holding places or butting in line.

9. Sit properly on equipment and do not overcrowd. If a piece of equipment has a handrail, make sure you hold it at all times.

10. Ask an adult for help if there is a problem or someone is hurt.

11. Never go to a playground by yourself or without letting an adult know. Have an adult go with you when you’re in primary and have a friend go with you when you get older.

School Playground Rules

1. Students are not permitted on the playground without adult supervision.

2. Only go to the playground on an outside day and after the teachers on duty give you permission to leave the school building. Walk carefully and don’t run.

3. Leave extra clothes and items you don’t need in a designated spot away from the playground equipment.

4. Listen to and respect the teachers on duty. Follow their directions the first time they are given.

5. Always get permission from a teacher to enter the school.

6. Only play in the designated areas. If something you are using goes outside the play area, one student can retrieve the item.

7. After the bell rings, if you are on the school playground, pick up your belongings and any small equipment you were using. Line up and walk inside the school quietly after you receive directions from the teachers on duty.


1. Keep your shoes tied and don’t wear any loose strings or clothing on the slide.

2. Be patient and wait your turn in line before getting on the climbing ladder.

3. Take one step at a time and hold the handrails with both hands when climbing the ladder to the top of the slide. Never climb or run up the slide surface or the frame.

4. Slide down feet first and sitting up, never head first or on your back, knees or stomach. Go down one at a time with no fancy tricks.

5. Check the bottom of the slide to see if it is clear before sliding down. When you reach the bottom, get off and move away from the end of the slide.

6. On hot days, feel the slide with your hand before climbing to the top. If the side is too warm, don’t play on it.


1. Always sit in the center of the swing; don’t stand or kneel. Hold the chains tightly with both hands. Stop the swing completely before getting off.

2. No jumping out of swings, no twisting chains or swinging sideways. Do not swing empty seats!

3. Never double up with two kids to a swing or try to swing too high.

4. Don’t push other children on swings. If you cannot start swinging, ask an adult to push you softly to get you started.

5. Stay a safe distance from other children on swings being careful not to run or walk in front, in back or between them. Walk out around instead.

Fireman's Pole

1. Don’t slide down if someone is close to the bottom of the pole.

2. Hold on with both hands and wrap your legs around the pole when you slide.

3. Slide down carefully and make sure you land on two feet with your knees slightly bent.

Climbing Equipment

1. Hands stay well behind the person in front of you and beware of swinging feet. Never reach for bars or ropes that are too far away.

2. When you drop from the bars or ropes make sure you have enough room to not hit the equipment and hurt yourself. Bend your knees, land on both feet and don’t touch others.

3. Don’t overcrowd the equipment. Everyone start from one side and move in the same direction. When climbing down watch out for those climbing up.

4. Always stay in line, take turns and never push or try to touch others.

Small Equipment – (balls, skipping ropes, hoops, etc.)

1. Use this equipment in a designated space away from the large equipment.

2. Be careful using this equipment so that you don’t interfere with others. Try to stay in your own small space.

3. When you share a ball with others, be sure to take turns and play safely. No rough play allowed!

4. If you are using a ball and it goes outside the play area, ask an adult (teacher) for permission to get it.